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Green Stuff® Absorbent is...


  • Non-mineral, phenolic resin absorbent.
  • High performance absorbent.
  • Versatile absorbent.
  • Non-hazardous material.
  • Environmentally friendly – Non-leaching.
  • 90% lighter than clay.
  • Fully absorbs synthetic motor oil.
  • Less warehousing space required.
  • Less vehicle and infrastructure degradation.
  • Less waste material for disposal.
  • The cost effective solution. 


    New Fuel Blending Opportunity

    With a content of 12,000 BTUs per lb., it's the ideal medium for fuel blending operations. Paints, oils, greases, inks, coatings, solvents and adhesives when solidified with Green Stuff® Absorbent provide a clean-burning substitute for other fuels in kiln operations. Dramatic cost savings can be realized while long-term liability concerns are lessened because no waste goes into the landfill. Call today or check out our material safety data sheet  to learn more about our materials.

    Recommended For:

    • Fire/Hazmat Response
    • Oil & Gas Drilling
    • Tank Bottoms
    • Airports
    • Transportation
    • Environmental Control
    • Chemical Processing
    • Solidification
    • Drill Cuttings
    • Agriculture
    • Automotive
    • Hospitals
    • Food Processing
    • Rubber & Plastics
    • Plant Maintenance
    • Industrial Waste Management
    • Paint & Coatings
    • Military Operations
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Household & Garden

    Green Stuff® Absorbent is the best absorbent in the marketplace!